1. A Slouchy  Blazer


A slouchy blazer and Mid Wash skinny jeans is polished yet laid-back. Always remember your belt when you tug in your plain t-shirt, gives that shinny touch for you.


2. Heels!



Heels are always a good idea when it comes to matching with skinny jeans, why? As both items helps to bring out how slim and long your pair of legs are. Well at least in my case, helps them look longer.


3. Sweater Top

A sweater top with a pair of skinny jeans basically is what I wear everyday, I would recommend go for something lighter on the top and a pair of darker jeans tho. 

4. The bland Top look

Sometime when it gets so hot out there, a pain top with a pair of skinny jeans really is enough to kill. In this case, I would recommend you to go for a distressed ripped pair of jeans.


Written by Alex Leung

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