How to find the perfect skinny jeans for short women online


Unlike ordinary girl who can just click a few buttons online and the carrier will bring your perfect outfit straight to you door, as a petite women we always find it so hard to get the perfect fitting pair of jeans online. Especially when the weather is freezing out there an you just couldn't be bothered to walk out the door, down to L&Ts and get your perfect outfit for the party next week.

Back in the days when you could never find a pair of jeans with an inseam shorter than 30" and you could never get anything skinner than a 12" leg opening, absolutely driving me crazy. Good thing now is that there are so many private jeans brand out there that actually provide more variety on really what to choose.

Here is a few things you should keep in mind when you are shopping online.

1: Content

You may thing the content of a pair of jeans isn't too important, but girl, you are so so wrong. While you are shopping online, fitting always come into an issue when you got so excited unpacking that box you've waited for only to find out that its either realising you're flashing your bottom right after two steps out the room or you can't even get your calves though the jeans. This is why content is so important when you choose to buy.

When we look at content of a pair of jeans, there should be a few things you should be looking for.

a. The percentage of Cotton 

b. The percentage of Elastic/ Spandex


The reason we look at the amount of cotton is basically because the higher the amount of cotton gets, generally the better the pair of jeans is. Again, thats not a 100% law of jeans, but its a good reference you can consider when buyer a pair.


The spandex in the jeans is what gives you that stretchiness, usually it should be 2% but some may go up 4/5%. The more spandex there is, the stretchier your pair of jeans gets, but there are also ways they make the jeans not too loose, but I rather not get into too detailed on this.

2. Measuring guide

There are so many measurements in a pair of jeans, but as you are not a technical designer, you just really need to look at one of them to get your perfect pair of jeans and that is the waist.



This is probably the easiest thing that everyone knows how to measure, however the trick is that if it is a pair of stretched jeans, you really want to go to a size down so it will sit right where it should be. E.g, If you waist is 30 1/2", referring to the Ultra Stretched Skinny 1904 measurement guide I have attached above, you really should go for a size 8 if not size 6.


 3. Get a pair of Capri or Cropped Jeans

I personally wont buy a pair of 12″ skinny jeans these days, not only because I don’t find them skinny enough for me, but because I know they will usually come with a longer inseam and will create a lot of bunching at my ankles. The Jeans are always always too long. So, what do I do instead? I go for a pair of Cropped Jeans or a pair of Capri, this really is about how long your pair of legs are.

If you are around mid 5', go for a pair of Cropped jeans, but if you are about 5' or shorter, go for a pair of Capri.

 4. You can always look for styles that are designed to roll 


That is usually what we do, but if the pair of jeans are designed to roll at the hem, their inseams are usually shorter than a normal pair of jeans. I would recommend you to go for a very skinny pair if you plan to roll the hem, it just doesn't look right.


So here are some tips for you to get your perfect pair of jeans for the Christmas coming ahead, I really hope this will help out some of you for shopping online. Thank you for reading Resfeber's blog, do take your time to look around here, our jeans are all designed at the best quality. Really, at our price, you really cant find anything better.



Written by keira cheung

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